Authors and Models


Three authors,
three countries,
one book.

The original Guide is a collaboration between three very different people across three countries: the bulk of the book is written by Ally Mosher in Australia, who had recently graduated high school in NSW and decided to share the lessons she learnt with others. The Work Life section is a collaboration with New Zealand careers expert Tracy Keith of TMK Consulting, and Ben “R-Tizt” Francis, teenage triple-threat (singer/actor/dancer) from England, gives valuable insight into how teenage boys think all through the book.

All the photos in the book were taken by Sydney photographer Darren Phillips, owner of darphi images.

More about the authors:

DSCF3704  BenFrancis    

What you might not know about the authors…

  • Ben and his band Luminites performed at the Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model live show! They did a mashup of their song ‘All Dressed Up’ and a version of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’. They were also finalists on Britain’s Got Talent in 2013.
  • Ally has modelled for cosmetics company Nutrimetics, haircare company GHD, and NSW newspaper The Daily Telegraph.
  • Tracy is a yellow belt green tip in Tae Kwon Do, and worked in an events job for the America’s Cup.
  • Darren has produced a full-length rock musical called ‘Tomorrow Starts Tonight‘, which Ally has a small role in.
  • Ally, Ben and Tracy have never met – their collaborative efforts were all via email.



Fifteen bright, enthusiastic teenagers, and one amazing mum.

The Guide does not star typical ‘models’. Every single person you see in this book is a normal teenager, living in western Sydney in Australia. They range from 13 to 18; some of them do want to be models and others were just trying it on for size, but they’re all smart, confident teens with a hands-on approach to life.


Andy has a flair for the creative and hopes to be a designer one day.

Andy likes his red hair because it’s rare, and his confidence tip is “Just don’t worry about what other people are thinking. That’s their problem!”


Anna, our youngest model, is a talented dancer and performer. She hopes to become a professional dancer when she leaves school.

Anna’s tip for surviving high school is: “Year 7 is the worst year of high school, and after that it gets better! So don’t stress if at first high school seems like the worst thing in the world :)”


Blake wants to be a composer, producer or musician after school – he’s amazing at piano and loves music.

Blake’s confidence tip is to “always be positive, because constantly being negative makes you ugly inside and out.”


Cara is a talented performer and hopes to become an actress when she graduates.

Her confidence tip is to “Just be yourself!”, and her secret to surviving high school is to “work hard and have fun”.


Caroline intends to work in set or costume design after school; she loves art.

Caroline is proud of her growth in confidence; she used to be painfully shy. Her best advice for surviving high school is to “choose your friends wisely”.


Chane wants to work with animals after leaving high school.

Her best confidence tip is “to just believe in yourself, because you can do whatever you put your mind to!”

georgiaaGeorgia A

Georgia A has wanted to be an actress since she was little, and intends to follow that dream after high school.

Her best confidence tip is to “smile at yourself in the mirror, it makes you happier”.

georgiasGeorgia S

Georgia S wants to be a vet, or get into legal or business studies after school.

Her advice for high school success is to remember that “it doesn’t last forever so if it’s hard, hang in there and eventually it’ll get better.”


Harriet aims to become a primary school teacher; she enjoys helping others and working with kids.

Her most embarrassing high school memory is “walking into a pole whilst talking to someone”, and her confidence tip is “if you like yourself, others will like you too”.

jasmine_anaJasmine and Ansuvana

Jasmine is studying for a Diploma at ACMUSE (Australian College of Make Up and Special Effects). She designed and completed the makeup for all models on the shoots.

Jasmine also found time between doing the makeup to model for the ‘You and Your Parents’ article with her mother Ansuvana.


Kelli is keeping her options open; when asked what she wants to do, she replied “I have already left school and I still have absolutely no idea!”

Kelli’s confidence tip is to “stand by what you believe in, and you will feel more confident in yourself.”


Lucy hopes to get into the performing arts after high school, as she loves dance and drama.

Her most embarrassing high school memory is “calling a teacher ‘Mum’!”, and her best confidence tip is “don’t be scared to show off your talents, no matter how strange they might be!”


Phil is currently studying IT at TAFE, and hopes to work with computers after graduating.

If he had a million dollars and one day to spend it, Phil would buy his own place, gaming equipment, car, pay his parents’ debts, pool, spa, rollercoaster… and a dog!


Tahnee is already making waves in the fashion industry, and wants to work in fashion, music, or both after high school.

Her best confidence tip is to “be yourself and it will come naturally”.


Tara has amazing music taste and wants to work in music, journalism, or both.

Her secret to high school success is “don’t listen to [people] if they’re putting you down. Be the best that you can be.”