The Books

Cover Only 2013

The High School Survival Guide

The original book. For girls in high school all over the world.

Get advice.
Feel supported.
Boost your confidence.
Study to success.
Find your niche.
Know yourself.

The High School Survival Guide is a practical, no-holds-barred, honest guide for girls in high school. It covers everything from schoolwork, friends and dating, to writing applications and getting your first job.

The Guide is a collaboration between three very different people across three countries: find out more about the authors here.

 140+ pages of colour and content.
Your secret to high school success.

Who needs a Survival Guide?

If you’re a senior at primary school, or starting in high school, you’ll benefit from this book. There are study tips, job-search advice, dating and social information and even advice on your family life and self-image. You’ll learn how to throw the perfect sleepover, make the most of your time at school, go on an ideal first date and wow any employer with your fantastic CV.

The High School Survival Guide is designed to be useful from year 7 to graduation – and beyond. Whether it’s getting a job, getting a date or getting a new outlook on life, the Guide will help you get there.

What makes this book different is that it’s laid out like a magazine, full of gorgeous photographs of real teenagers – no Photoshop work! We gathered together a great group of teenagers from western Sydney in Australia and had three fun shoots with Sydney photographer Darren Phillips. The result is what you see in the book. Real teens. Real life. No airbrushing.

What do the pages look like?

Just like a magazine! The Guide is packed full of gorgeous and fun photos of real teens just like you.





School Life: Sorted!

Your ultimate guide to academic high school success.

School Life: Sorted! is a guide to all things class-related, from your very first day right through to your gap year. You’ll learn how to handle your teachers, deal with criticism, make speeches, and even climb the high school career ladder.

Who would benefit from School Life: Sorted!?

Anyone in middle or high school would benefit from this book. The advice within it applies just as well to boys as it does to girls, and we cover a huge range of academic and school-related situations.

Do you hate making speeches? Sorted. Can’t figure out how to write an essay? Sorted. Want to one day become School Captain/Class President? Sorted!

What do the pages look like?

School Life: Sorted! is a black-and-white handbook, smaller and more affordable than the original Guide. Nonetheless, we believe the pages should still be a bit cute!






The High School Survival Guide Journal

Tips, advice, and inspiration.
The journal that gives back.

The High School Survival Guide Journal is a perfect small gift or stocking filler for teenage girls in the 11 – 16 age range. It’s not just your average journal. As well as lined pages it includes pages for drawing, quizzes to help teens work out what they like, don’t like, and who they are, and tips and quotes from The High School Survival Guide itself.

The Journal measures 5 by 8 inches, the perfect size to hide in a pillowcase or slip into a schoolbag.

What kind of tips are in the Journal?

Everything from studying and schoolwork to money management and friendship – but nothing controversial. Nonetheless, if you’re giving this as a gift, we recommend you read through the journal quickly before giving it away so that if your teen has questions, you have some context.

What do the pages look like?

Plenty of the pages are just simple, lined journal pages, but there are also quizzes, drawing boxes, tips and cute illustrations – see below!journal-pageshots