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Praise for The High School Survival Guide

‘An absolute must for teenage girls.’

Family Australia Magazine


‘Mosher wrote this book soon after leaving school, and it shows. Lots of colour, funky fonts and brief, pithy information, interspersed with photos, quotes and quizzes give it a ‘Dolly’ look – popular with the intended audience. Mosher demonstrates her ability to give simple, rather than simplistic, advice and with topics from ‘School Life’ to ‘Inner Life’ she has encompassed many of the questions which plague girls as they progress through school. Without doubt the principle audience here is young women – the colours, perspectives and topics incline towards their needs; but the addition of comments from Ben Francis provides at least one male viewpoint.

While there are other examples of this type of thing out there the high school survival guide provides a uniquely Australian outlook, making the information pertinent but also the voice readable. In general the guidance is honest and clear; whether about sex or study, and this above all else will make this something libraries and parents should consider purchasing.’

Shauna Pollard
High School English Teacher


‘I have a daughter in her 2nd year of highschool and I am always on the lookout for information that will help us both survive the trials and fun of the years ahead. Martha is a very sensitive girl and therefore easily affected by everything that goes on around her. I was so thrilled to accidentally come across this wonderful book and to feel reassured about the many “normal” occurrences in teenagers highschool lives. I wish there had been something like this when I was at school!After reading through relevant sections of the book and having many discussions about the dramas a friend’s older daughter was having, I decided to buy a second book for her. The added bonus was that both my daughter and hers knew two of the models in the book so could relate not only to the incidences, but also to the kids. It was more real to them. On a professional note, as a mental health and paediatric nurse, I found the book to be absolutely wonderful, full of great advice and relevant information to reassure both the girls and the fearful parents. Nursing many young toubled girls has made me very saddened, and I am glad to see information such as your fantastic book is becoming available. Thankyou!’

Chris Boardman
Mental Health/Paediatric RN


‘I bought this book for my daughter last year when she was in year 6 (aged 12). She poured through it for weeks before she started high school this year. We had lots of conversations together about it and it helped to overcome some of her fears about starting high school and all the changes that represented. I recommend it.’

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